My blower motor jus went out. I jus got a new one but it's slightly different from my old one where as the old one did not have the rubber hose out the side like my new one. Any suggestions??

When I drive at night or at dawn or through a long enough tunnel, my dash lights go extremely dim. The problem solving I've tried include: replacing the dimmer switch and changing the fuses. I'm about to replace the BCM, but if this doesn't work, the only other option would be to replace the instrument cluster which I'm certain isn't the problem. Is there anything else that could be causing this light outage?

This light has been on for few days

Engine chatters sometimes and doesn't others.

Bit then almost dies .

I've replaced the tensioner 3 times for good measure. Checked pulley alignment multiple times and they are straight. Broke the tensioner while driving last year and since then the factory belt size is to large now. The next size down world's but is tight on the pulleys causing it to stretch and eventually break. Maybe the rubber on the crank pulley has gone bad? I've looked it over a bunch and am at a loss. Been a mechanic for 20 years roughly (professionally for 7 before giving it up and going back to parts sales for a consistent paycheck) and i am stumped by this. Any ideas?