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Several months ago my abs and traction lights came on. Now while driving my car jerks so hard like being rear ended. It happens every 2 minutes. While driving around 25-35 mph I will see the warning light saying low f...
I went to a certified shop to get my car check i already know my car needs a thermostate replace but the shop it's possible that mt head gasket can blow i wanna find a way to prevent this happening
And now it shifts hard exspecaily on take off
I used correct fluid and filter car has 170,000 miles on it.
the car was moving the engine light came on then stopped 2 seconds later was unable to drive forward or reverse is the tranny gone or would the solenoid prevent this from moving
The car will only start again after the gauge reaches 140 degrees or cooler. In the process of cooling down from normal operating temp the car will turn over fine but make no attempt to start until cooled
How do I remove dash portion for heater adjusters they slide up and down so easily i think the levers have been disconnected and not engaging with the heater it does not warm up...thank you.....