it starts good dosent jerk when shifting takes off good . gets to 30 with no problem then does not seem to want to shift in to 3rd where you can pick up more speed. what could be wrong. 140,000 miles

My engine light comes on and when I wont to put the gas pedal down, to speed up or go up hills the engine surges and does not speed up,plus the engine runs hot etc.

one fan went out but i connected it directly to the battery so now both working but i cant get a 1/4 mile without it going into red in the street right please

After i have drove the car a few minutes the Security light comes on and stays on until I reach destination. The car starts o.k. the next time. Sometimes Security light comes on again, sometimes it doesn't. I need to know why this is happening. Thanks

New pvc valve, crankshaft sensor, mass flow sensor, temp sensor, aidle sensor, camshaft sensor , fuel filter and I believe that is it... Crankshaft sensor was replace because of the code that came up when the car started having this crank but no start issue.. Get fuel , get spark but no start.

The other day all my lights flicked on an off then dyed. My mechanic doesn't seem to know why? An my turn signals work then you hear An extra click then they stop working. I've changed the O2 sensors fuel filter spark plugs, have new battery an was told alternator is good.can you please help me?This has been going on for a year now. My car has 192300miles on it but I keep up on it. Except now I keep replacing things that we feel is the reason why an yet it keeps dying. I can go days without it dying or It dies every chance it can.

Problem started in recent months, the loud growling sound while accelerating and matches the rpm frequency at all speeds...

Check engine light a code PO300. Knocking sound worsens when accelerating

Operating temperature It will not turn back on until engine cools down 10 minutes later. It does not have any check engine codes and I have replaced crank positioning sensor mass air flow coolant temperature control sensor and fuel pressure regulator with no help to problem

own a 2003 Chevy Impala 3.4L V6 & Check Engine Light came on & it was not blinking. Checked it myself & got,

"Code P0341 Camshaft Position Sensor
A Circuit
(Bank 1 Single Sensor)"
Told the mechanic & told him to scan it again. Called me later & car was all set $186.00 Drove it home & light goes off again so I bring it back. Found out he never re scanned the car & took my word for it. When he did he got the same code P0341, he kept the car and tells me later that the camshaft sensor is installed correctly so he just reset the CEL. Driving the car the next day and CEL goes off again and it is the same code. The mechanic is telling me now that he cant help me any longer, he did his job.
Anyone ever have a similar situation with the Check Engine Light / Camshaft Sensor ? I checked it myself 4 different times & the mechanic twice.The car was running fine before the check engine light and it still is. Thanks