have changed crankshaft sensor, spark plug wires,spark plugs, have been thru wiring harness , check catalytic converter, . It want to buck or hesitate . need help thanks for any suggestion

Ive left the battery cables off overnite with no luck. Tried a different key bought a new battery, changed the fuel filter and it still want start. the lights, radio comes on but the car turns over but want start

This problem had occurred before so I wouldn't drive the car anymore. But when I got the car from my mechanic and got the car home everything was fine. The steering wheel was turning as it should. It was only this morning that I noticed a little wet spot under my car. I thought "this can't be happening again" and sure enough as I pulled out of my parking lot my steering wheel was a bit tough to turn. What needs to be fixed now since its not the pressure line or the pump?

With the shaking it makes a squeeking and grinding noise from the front right side I replaced the wheelie bearing the boots are all good cbc it's smooth riding when your foot is off the gas also it only woobles when you turn to the left nothing to the right

what should i do 3.4 2002 engine base sedan 4 door white

Hooked up my code reader an getting nothing, Yet service vehicle soon light is staying on. Any Ideas??

I have turn signals half the time. They won't come on a all for a while then they just work the next time I try to use them. I was told it was the flasher but at two auto stores in my area it is all combined in the hazard button on the panel of my car. So how do you change this part out and replace it. I am in desperate need for a car fixing person to tell me how I can change it myself. All answers are appreciated. Thanks!