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When this all started I drove it to store it was fine came home few min. Later went to start it and would crank over but not start replaced oil pressure sensor cause that's what codes said but still nothing
Pulls out fine but going from 1st to 2nd it lags. The rpms will go up btwn 3 and 4000. Then yesterday it decided not to shif into 2nd at all.
Replaced fuel filter,MAF sensor,plugs and wires,EGR,O2 sensor
I bought impala 3 years ago. About 6 months after having it when I cut the car off it will not restart. I purchased a fuel pump as recommended by a mechanic at a auto shop and 3 days later the car did not start and I ...
i have notice there is still a draw when i put neg to battery does this have to do with recall on impala ignition switch again the key is off or out of the ignition and if battery is connected smog pump is on
i hav replaced the pump twice it keeps being low on fluid and wineing and having hard spots in the steering
I was driving and it randomly turned off. After cranking the engine a couple of times it started while driving it then started putting and once I came to a complete stop turned off again. Now it acts like it wants too...