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I switch the pasenger bulb with the driver bulb and driver side did not go on
just rebuilt motor from heads up and was driving the car it felt like it was running funny shaky at cruising speed what thought was a misfire now i know it was my transmission slipping from one gear to another like i ...
Now, My Car has this problem for awhile! What can I do??
Its not the pump, the rear line or front line. Could it be a clog In the injecters? Or is there another removeable part on the motor that makes this happen.
Just got the hose to the transmission fixed new fluid in it now it shakes and act like it wants to stop
When car does start engine shacking car overheat red fuild leaks out car shut off.
why does my impala go haywire wen u put it in any forward gear haywire as in all gauges go nuts bounce up and down every light pops up even doors speakers get all messed and sounding crazy know remind you it only does...
When turned off and try to restart have to wait half hour or so to get it going. this happens intermittently. have replaced fuel filter ignition coils upstream oxygen sensor.The car has 125,000 never plugs or wires. C...