Sunroof was open for a period of time, could the wiring gone bad

Just put new fule pump in

Had fuel pump replaced and car turns on but engine still won't crank up wondering what else could it be

My odometer and gear shift lights do not work at all during the day but works at night sometimes. I'm thinking it may be a loose connection, only because if it doesn't light up at night and I hit the top of the cluster panel above steering column it will light up. Is there an easy fix for this I have seen several others with the same issue?

I don't think it's getting fire but don'tknow what it is. Please help

it just happened bout a few days ago it turned off but didn't want to start anymore.

The battery is run down, I charge it, I drive the car 3 to 6 miles, shut it off, make sure the radio is off. Let car sit while I'm working, or overnight. Go to start the car again and battery is dead. Charge it and start the car, the radio is on the FM Public Broadcasting Radio Station. I pulled Radio fuse, now have no Instrument Panel Cluster gages. Replace Radio fuse, and now all gages are running backwards. But left overnight, car started.

this morning was really hard to shift into drive, after work (8hrs later) Cant get it out of park, ebrake wont release.

Don't do it all the time, but when it does sounds and feels like its coming through the floor board.and