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My car jerks at certain gas levels then the engine light comes on. I've been to one repair place who said the engine light is because the engine isn't getting enough oxygen. The car jerks because of a transmission pro...
My car is currently leaking fuel. I understand from the recall that the states in which the recall covers is not a state in which I reside. I am in Maryland. I am not driving the car due to safety issues what do you s...
I have a 2006 Chevy cobalt SS coupe. I bought the car used almost 2 years ago. My problems started about 7 months ago when I was driving and all of a sudden check charging system notification came on, everything elect...
Wat can i do? Afraid it will tear up my trans? Happened twice n three days. On highway not rough roads.
p0014 and p0011 codes
i have 145000 miles on it great shape but once traction control comes on trans bangs n shifts real hard notice im not only one why isnt there a recal im supper ticked off
The engine made a loud noise. The mechanic told us to replace the tensioner, timing belt and the engine. Should we?
The problem happen when the car ran over a big rock left in the road at night.
Replaced every part of a/c system and it still blows warmer air at high speed and cool at low speed or stop. have spent over 1k so far! and been to dealer and 2 mechanics
trying to check fluid level n the transmission but cant find dipstick. is there a dipstick and if noy how do i check trans fluid and/or add fluids
The clutch in my cobalt ss has gone out and I can't afford to take it on so I'm going to change it myself I've done clutches in trucks but never a front wheel drive car so I'm wondering if someone can tell me the easi...
The dealership cannot find a problem as to why the light keeps coming on, but it does.
as soon as i accelerate the engine starts knocking, doesn't happen when at park idling and i rev it. anything?