Transmission slipping on a 2009 Chevy Cobalt LT, car is driveable, however engine light is on? Estimate on rebuild and/or used transmission?

Have there been any recalls issued

Key currently in ignition and won't come out or even turn to off position

When we try to start the nothing happens. We have no power and cannot remove the key or shift the shifter. According to other posts it looks like this is potentially a recall. The frustrating thing is we already had our ignition switch replaced because of a recall.

My question is, is it safe to jump start a car when the key is already turned to the first position in the ignition. We want to see if jumping will allow us to drive it to the dealership but don't want to fry anything.

Thanks in advance

I bought my 2009 Chevy cobalt used about 10 months ago! I have not had any issues with the vehicle other then hearing about the recall as soon as I got recall notice in the mail I made arrangements with my Chevy dealership to get it fixed! recently got the recall done on vehicle from my Chevy dealership about two weeks ago and today coming out of work I had a dead battery which I thought was weird because I swear I didint leave anything on and on top of having no power my key was stuck in the ignition ! I then had my vehicle jump started and the key came out fine after that but my check engine light has been on since My car got power back it was not there going in to work this morning! I noticed a lot of people having the issue with losing power and key getting stuck but was just curious if anyone's check engine light came on Aswell?

My passenger front speaker and right turn signal stop working. Sometimes it the same time sometimes only one quits working. The turn signal usually will work if I barely hold it on or if I push it past the "on" position. Also the low oil pressure lightcomes and goes off that matters.

We were told it the problem was the MAF sensor and just replaced that. There was a broken wire to the MAF senor which was repaired. Still having the hesitation in 1st/2nd gear. The engine revs when given gas but transmission does not kick in. Any suggestions? When the MAF sensor is replaced, do we need to "reset" something?

the engine light does not always come on when this happens

starts bucking. i have had the check engine light come on indacating it was the mass flow air censore. chaged it twice. helped for awhile but thats it. the check engine light is now on again and really bucking but we know its not the mass air flow cens. i thought it had to do with humidity in the air because it seemed to act up when its really hot and humid out but it does it all the time now. i put sea foam in the gas thinking that would maybe do something but nothing.every time you shift and it gets at the 2 25 rpms thats when its the worst but it will continue to do it off and on at any speed.