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In the last few days I've noticed my car AC blow out hot when I'm parked and setting. It kicks back up when im at 40mph or higher. I was driving around town and was stopping and going at the red light and traffic duri...
out of nowhere the steering wheel locks and the fuel gauge and rpm goes to jumping back and forth also the gears click as i apply breaks also my mechanic gave a few codes but I dont understand this problem has been go...
I think if there is a lot of issues then there should be a recall.
Had recall ignition fixed also. Car will eventually start in afternoon. Turn to acc all dash lights are on turn on over its like the battery is dead
and it turned off now it will not come on at all is there a fuse this could be maybe?
i have 07 cobalt that the check engine is on we ran diagnostic on it it said replace the p00016 sensor. we replaced it it ran great when first drove car then second trip out in it. it started stalling missing out, it ...
had been working fine, suddenly not