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Replace the engine the engine locked up and I need to replace it.
The heater blew the BCM fuse. Replaced fuse and unplugged resistor. Heater works on high. Car travelled over 200 miles that day with the heater on high. Next morning the heater did not work. Could it be the heate...
I just got my ignition switch fixed and I was wondering if that had anything to do with the recall for the ignition switch?
When you start the car its not too bad.but when it warms up it hits hard
It will sounds like it doesn't want to start but will for now and this is every time i start the car for a couple of days
Only makes noise when going over gravel or bumps and when declining in speed
trac light is on,abs light is on, check engine light is on, a car with a lock on it shows on, and when driving my car jerks and all the lights will flicker on and off and when i lock my doors then try to unlock the al...
After the reset it came on again Evap is what they say is wrong ?what does it mean
Driving down the interstate car started sputtering then lost acceleration, made it to the shop, car died then would not start back up. Check engine light stays on. Shop tried to do a diagnostic, several codes appeared...
The battery light is on and indicator telling me to ckeck the charging system. Help please!!