2.8 celebrity

I have to keep one foot on the break and one foot on the gas to start and move the car once im moving i have to keep giving it more gas to keep it moving even when coming to a stop light or sign is this fuel or air related or both????

This is a 1985 Celebrity, but this list only goes to 1990. Buzzing is only when temp controls are in the off position, but battery still being drained. When defrost, a/c, etc is selected, buzz stops, but battery still being drained. All fuses are good and correct (position/amps).

Why is there no power going to the 1985 celebrity fuel pump

Not sure where to take for repair. Regular Mechanic or body shop

I'm just trying to find out how to check my codes on a 1986 chevy celebrity. Check engine light comes on its a 6 cylinder 2.8

The water pump, power steering pump and ac compressor are taken off the car. I have original parts. This car has a automatic trans with 3 v belts. Altenator is mounted inplace it is on firewall side of engine. Ideler tention pulley is mounted to top side of motor. There is a pivot arm with parts. I am not sure how it all goes back together? THIS IS A 1986 CHEVY CELEBRITY 2.5 ENG. THANKS

My 1987 chevy celebrity will start. But i will put my foot on the break so i can put it in gear. And everytime we touch the break my car dies? I have changed the fuel pump already. Why is it doing this?

I will turn the ignition on and the engine instantly acts like it will start, and then it dies. After many attempts, it usually will turn over and run. While car is on, it runs normally.

if you spray carb cleaner it will run till you stop spray. have changed fuel pump, moduel, ecm have 52lb fuel pressure.