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just replace a radiotor & heater hose
Up I checked the termanals the are good what say you?
What is the Low and High AC readings. and how long should the AC system be evacuated? Also for R134 should it be put in as gas or liquid?
Put new battery and more gas, still wouldn't crank. Turns over good, but won't crank. Checked spark plugs, seem to be OK. Fuel pump is working, but still not cranking. Please help!
car has about 77,000 miles on it and is for the most part a great vehicle 1 estimate would be about $1200.00 thumbs up or down
All the above lights come on and daytime lights stay on about 20 min after car is off, also, it only happens after I have driven the car for about 20 min and hit a bad bump. The gas and temp, rpm gauges go to zero a...
It acts like it is starving for fuel. Changed fuel pump about a year ago. Been running great until now.
I replaced my battery and now when I try and turn my car on all I hear is clicking...
there are several trouble lights on also i would like to turn them off also
there are several trouble lights on also,i would like to get them off also