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The car was not starting and we had it jumped but it started but it quit three times and each time we had it jumped and when we started the car started losing power 1 mile from where we started and it stopped and then...
where does the fusable like attach to on an alternator
OWhat Would Be The cause? It Has Spark And Turns Over Just Fine But It Won't Run! Could It Be Th E Timing Jumped?
Title says "rebuilt". I bought it as a loaner car for out of town guests & adult chdren to use as a spare. Car runs wel except I don't know where the cruise control is & the driver seat doesn't sit straight up so driv...
just replace a radiotor & heater hose
Changed the injectors, spark plugs and wires, the starter, the fuel filter, a few undercarriage things and when she started up the check engine light is on. There is no power when I tried to test drdrive. Seems like n...
I've had the car over 2 years and this winter is the only time this happened. Don't know if it is the windshield or something around the driver door or firewall.
Freeze plug behind bell houseing
Today my cavalier randomly stalled going down the road. When I went to start it back up it was fine but then continues to stall after a few minutes of driving. Help? Idk what this is.
Up I checked the termanals the are good what say you?
What is the Low and High AC readings. and how long should the AC system be evacuated? Also for R134 should it be put in as gas or liquid?
My car is leaking coolant at a slow rate from the metal piece that connects the water pump and the thermostat. It occasionally over heats when idling for over 3 minutes. What are some possible problems it could be hav...
Put new battery and more gas, still wouldn't crank. Turns over good, but won't crank. Checked spark plugs, seem to be OK. Fuel pump is working, but still not cranking. Please help!
why do I have to let off the throttle for my automatic transmission to shift?
it just started a day ago and has not turned off. I readjusted gas cap and it's on properly.
I put a new starter on my 98 cavalier z24 and a new battery. The car cranks real slow and wont start.
Miles on car dnt mark what so ever
I was driving and the car started to have a knocking sound On The passenger side of the car i turned off the car the knocking stopped i turned it back on it was back no lights are currently on everything else in the c...
car has about 77,000 miles on it and is for the most part a great vehicle 1 estimate would be about $1200.00 thumbs up or down
car will start turn key off will not start after a few minutes will start again