I took pin box connection apart to clean terminals and am having problems putting it back. How do i rewire to get lights working.? I have checked all other items, switch, fuses ,bulbs

Just had my fan and assembly replaced and now my airbag warning light is on

Works sometimes very well and other times doesn't

Thought it was the bushings, but when I went to loosen the bolt, it just pulled right out. Was broken at the threads. Replaced the bolt and about 3 to 4 months later it's broken again. The bushings still have a little life left in them too. I'm just confused about why and how this keeps happening. Thank you

i have changed the colum switch flasher neon green bulbs checked for corrosion and broken wires.2 fuses in my fuse box are good but no power to them when i checked with a test light.i did the wd40 trick at the 4 way flasher haha didnt work checked all my relays.what could this be

Next time I ran I got "link error."

car has been setting for awhiletrying to get it runing

Cavalier has 122 K miles on it. Well maintained. While trying to start the car after replacing rear fuel lines, the mechanic said fuel gage failed to tell him there was no fuel in the car. (I could have sworn there was at least 1/8 tank of gas when I brought it into the shop.) He says sensor is faulty.

After 1/2 tank of gas was put in the car, a second opinion mechanic says that (via computer measurement analysis) the sensor is working correctly.

It happens every time i turn on the car. Sometimes a service car light will come on.

there is some coolant in there but I don't know if I overfill it, will that do damage? And, what marking do I fill it to if that matters?

When the speakers were put in, only the wires connecting to the speaker were replaced, and since then my windsheild wipers dont work. Noticed it the other night, shut the car off and turned it back on and they worked again.was down pouring earlier today and still worked, then they stopped in the middle of my windsheild and havent worked since. Check my fuse and it was fine, if anyone has any answers or suggestions that would be awesome.