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after replacing lock cylinder, it started,then died.the anti theft light came on steady for a few seconds and then went out. I waited ten minutes and retried, it did the same thing. doesn't enter then relearn mode
it just started a day ago and has not turned off. I readjusted gas cap and it's on properly.
Miles on car dnt mark what so ever
Wont come on while sitting sometimes it will kick on when I accelerate then drop
I had a problem the car was running fine turned it off for a few hours and went to start it and nothing happened replaced the starter car turn over but had a grinding nosie took it back apart shimed the starter now it...
when they test it it is not ready, have filled with gas and driven it for 1 week. Also did the cold start with air on and rear defroster on. what am I doing wrong?
It doesn't do it with the left blinker only right. On the inside you can hear/see the blinker but when you step on the brake it stops until you let off the brake. We have replaced the right bulb & the flasher with no ...
Whenever I try to crank it up the rods pop out...
checked my battery. It was working well. what could problem be and estimated repair charge?
I was going to pull front wheels and check over rotors etc. Is having them "turned " and option or would it be easier and more cost effective to install new ones?
Once it runs for a while or at fast speed it is fine. does not like slow speeds or holding brake down at stops --very rough