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I've had the car over 2 years and this winter is the only time this happened. Don't know if it is the windshield or something around the driver door or firewall.
I put a new starter on my 98 cavalier z24 and a new battery. The car cranks real slow and wont start.
As described, at certain outside temperatures car will not remain running. Engages the theft system. Gm dealer mechanics diagnose as passlok failure and replace key cylinder where passlok is integrated. Still won't st...
are these only for the reverse light illumination or are they used as running lights as well?
I am having the same problem. I have a 98 cavalier that stopped randomly on me one day. I did the fuel stater in the intake and it didnt start. Then after I towed it home and waited a couple hours it started fine b...
Front bakes stopped working, have to push brake pedal all the way down to get back brakes to stop car. not grinding or anything. And now back brakes have stoppped working also. please help
After replacing front brakes, rotors,pads and calipers and rear brakes, drums and shoes we discovered a broken brake line located be rear axel and replaced it as well. However, now we are unable to bleed the brake li...
Will shift if I go thru gears manually if not car will not go faster then 30-40 mph. I now have a loose cable under dash
start and run great when cold but rurs rough and dies at normal temp.
I need total estimate cost plus labor. Car has 102,000mi. Is it worth replacing w/age factor?
while driving stoped at traffic light when started to go the felt like it was pulling to the left.after I parked the car several hours later went to drive the car again car would not go into gear
Linkage is moving to the gears my clutch may not be in right???
My car started running really rough about a week ago,back fires,misses and stalls (sometimes dies) at stop lights..I'm almost positive its a air flow problem i just dont know the locations of all the vacuum lines/hose...
I pulled battery out in order to work on car after I pace battery back in car it will not crank over at all, checked and it's not sending power to silinoid, believe problem may be in passlock system but don't know wha...