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Just had the transmission rebuilt 2 months ago, good clutch on it, is all of the sudden barely going into all gears. I have to double clutch to shift into any gear, which makes me think it's the synchros in the tranny...
It's actually an 87 Chevy celebrity will not start getting fuel to the engine will start when I shoot starting fluid into the intake but nothing else what can I don
I started the car to let it get warm before going shopping as I was about to leave the drive way is died . I attempted to start it again and it started and the spurted off like it was not getting ga...
The battery was replaced 2 weeks ago and the alternator was replaced in 2012. does the alternator need to be replaced already or what else could the problem be.
The engine is leaking coolant. Same problem a year ago, a different (supposedly) plastic part cost $279 to replace. How many plastic parts are connected to the coolant system?!!!
How much does the sensors for this time of car run
while changing fluids saturday i poured about a cup full of oil into trans.
Got this Z24, always wanted this or a Camaro. Got it for less than $500. Body, engine, electrical, interior all in great shape. Had to clean engine and some connections but its all good now. Under is super rusted. Rep...
Just had front wheel bearings and all brake lines done. After got home and sat for awhile went to leave unlocked power locks, turned key heard a slight pop, dash lights flashed quick then dark...nothing. Car did and s...
anti theft light on all the time car does not start
car was in front end crash replaced headlights hooked them up correctly. have power at fuse box and is grounded still will not work