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I have replaced the crank sensor, and when I drive it to the end of the street and back, it won't start again. No spark, but, will turn over. Help!
i have been rebuilding this car and am wondering if I have messed up the computer some how......When the batter is connected and the ignition switch is on, the check gauges are staying on and the motor is running very...
I have an engine knock coming from the crank shaft area. thinking the bearings are going. poured thick oil down there to cushion it. how much will it cost me to have them replaced?
I put in a new wiper motor and they still don't work
the wipers want turn off
i bought the car go halfway home and the speedometer stopped working the rest of the guage cluster still works
replace can i still take off and replace without messing anything up just wondering before i drill out shear bolts
i recently replaced the turn signal flasher/relay in my car along with the hazard flasher/relay in my car hopeing that the malfunction would stop, but all the brake lights like to light up when i use my turn signals. ...
have replaced the motor, and relay
replaces the coil pack wires plugs and it backfires when started and switching gears , wont stay started acts like it wants to stall out
I have a 1994 chevy cavalier and the front headlights went out at the same time, I don't know what to do or how to fix this problem. Csan anyone help, or explain what i can do.
Car is up to date with maintenance. The battery was being drained while the car remained parked/off. We would start it weekly, then sooner after we saw the car needed a jump more often. Now no kind of charge is delive...