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Freeze plug behind bell houseing
dont' work. We checked the fuses (all work) and we replaced the dimmer panel switch and they still dont' work. ANy suggestions? thank you:)
Also bucks (slightly). Someone advised us it could be the catalytic converter... maybe clogged???
My gearshift is freezing and can't change gears when its cold outside, until the car warms up and thaws out. How can I grease the gearbox and shifter cables to keep it from doing that. Before I have to replace another...
I need to know the steps i need to take after deasselbling the dash?
dont know which port to use the one near the fire wall or the one connected to the silver canister up front
car dies during idle, have changed spark plugs, iac valve, icm, fuel injectors, clean fuel filter, new vacuum hoses. car will run as long as i give it gas but dies at idle speed, and sometimes backfires through cylind...
1990 Chevy Corsica 3.1 When I try to start the car it backfires and the starter motor disengages, therefore the car won't start.
The key guy said that the 1990 Chev Cavaliers key assembly was not electrical. Long ago he put graphite and that seemed to work. But recently, not even graphite worked. He said it was not the key mechanism and sugg...
which gas line feeds the carborator
I have a 2.2 i was driving and the postive wire on the start moved and hit the other wires on the start.It wrecked the starter. I put in the new starter. The car turns over now. I have fuel to the intake. If I put fu...
Window Repair Chevrolet Cavalier left window
off track window left.
About a week ago my tail pipe rusted through where it connects to the Catalytic Converter and they both started dragging on the ground. I parked the car shortly after I found out that it was dragging and haven't drive...