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I've replace distributor, ignition module and coil I've replace fuel filter, map sensor, fuel pump relay fuse, and I'm still having the same problem
It happened after I installed an aftermarket radio and I didn't have enough to buy the harness adapter so I straight wired the radio and the two wires that control the dimmer switch and lights in the dash touched the ...
It was rebuilt 25K ago. It does not slip or grind.
I already replace temp.sensor and fan relays. They work fine as long as the heat or air is on.
you can put it in drive and go but wen it get to second gear going into 3rd it wont go into it unless you press on d gas hard
But if I wait an hour until it cool off it will start an I change ever part that have something to do wit it so wat can it be
I had a tune up and oil change. Cleaned the throttle body. Had the injectors cleaned. New air filter. There's no vacuum leaks. Going to change the fuel filter next but dont know if that will work either. Engine light...
Car starts great when cold and runs good! When I stop for 15 to 30 min. the car will not start, tries to start but won't stay running, spits and sputters then may or may not start and runs rough when it finally does s...
Sprayed starting fluid into intake and car still will not start. Drove the other day and felt like it was going to cut off like not getting fuel. Been sitting 2 years, changed oil, new gas, Lucas gas treatment. Bee...
I disconnected the wiper motor and it still blows the fuse
I disconnected the motor but it still blows the fuse can you help