The I kinda big box undrrhood I was told was getting to much air

oil pressure gauge flickers sometimes, voltage gauge reads on the high side, popping sound in speakers when turn signals are on. The car does not do this all the time, but the positive feed to fuse box in engine compartment on passenger side gets extremely hot...thank you

How many ground wires are on the ignition modual

When accelerating the gas

But when I took it out to test it to see how it felt after that I notice it didnt had the same power as before I change the plugs and it took longer to shift... So my question is what could of cause that problem? Or how can I fix it?

The light works from time to time.Can you please help me with this problem?

On cold starts, the car is fine in the idleing, or park position, but when I drive it before letting it heat up there is a knocking/grinding noise coming from the rear of the car. The more I drive it, it stops but then I start having shakeing when applying the brakes and rough idling.

I replaced water pump, thermostat and coolant. I have little but some heat. blower works fine just minor heat coming from the blower. in heat mode and also in defrost