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Also have new distributor new starter and new water pump don't know what's the problem it have a Lt1 350 motor

It happens every time I crank it up and rev the motor up a little bit and then I put it in drive to mash the gas to take off and it does it then

its the fuel

it will turn over but doesn't want to start like it isn't getting any fuel this is the first time ive had this problem or any problem for that matter

I have a 93 caprice and when I go over the speed 55 and slow down my engine starts to idle up n down and my service engine soon light will come on and then when I come to a complete stop my car would cut off. nobody seems to kno the problem I think its my vaccum holes.

use of b12 or gas treatment before each fill up, good or bad?

when I bought the car the previous owner mentioned it needed a heater core. upon a closer look, I noticed it was not holding water after long periods of travel. as soon as the car was shut off it would leak antifreeze. that is when I saw that the heater core lines had ben cut about 3" coming from the core and firewall itself. I also found the hose was missing that went to the block itself. I plugged the two hoses for now and fixed the hose that should have been going into the block and no more fluid leak, but I still need to get a heater core ASAP

the car rides fine, until the engine is completely warm which causes check engine light to come on. If you turn car off and crank up without waiting or you can wait, check engine light is off and car rides fine again until check engine light comes back on. Then it loses power and blogs all over again.Changed wires, plugs, filters, do not no what else to do can anyone help please. Thank you God Bless.

so what is ther next thing i should do?

Do I need to remove it? What might happen if I leave the extra 2 quarts in?

It happens all the time. It acts like it doesn't want to start sometimes too.

it dont get hot at all

My car ran out of gas so it sat up in the cold for about 4 days before I refilled the tank. After my car was refilled I put gumout in to clean my carburator and fuel injectors, I also put some heet in to absorbs any water that may be in the gas line. it ran good for a day and now it won't even start up. Everything on it is new except spark plugs in wires. Can someone explain what the problem may be? One person told me to drop my gas tank and unfreeze the line! While another person said to change my spark plugs and wires!!! What do you think??