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disconnected ground wire to the my Speakers. It seems like the car Will not start
What engines can I get that would be smog legal for CA, as in a turn key crate motor?
It's worse a times when it rains or hot, I replaced 3 ignition Switches 6 starters 3 flywheels 3 fuel pumps and 2 carbs still Have that same the problem and this not 90 caprice but a 1986 5.0l v8
I can drive for about 45 min to a hour then when I exit and hit the gas it hesitates. It feels like there's to much gas when it's down shifting it drives excellent besides that any help would be much appreciated
Car acts like there's a huge hydraulic door closer mechanism on the throttle, not allowing it to slow down the revs . . . and hence, will not allow the car to slow down safely. In addition, it is very hard to stop, ...
Does any one know how I can read diagnose code without scan tools?
I washed engine and then it doesn't start I find that its distributor module burn and I changed it after 3 days the engine run for 2 or 3 min. and it dies. Again I changed its module and it's coil but the problem is s...
Just got a car when I drive it it runs fine but sometimes it will die when I go to takeoff. Then when it does iI have to try starting back up and not hit the gas. If I do it dies atomatically help I'm a female with no...
Can not get this excellent item down here in Australia anymore. I don't seem to be able to get to the Pete Jackson web page, l have run the gear drive in two of my cars being 1980 & 1983 Holden WB Statesman Sedans, w...
Ive located the fuse box but none of the fuses are labeled Blower motor or Fan. My A/C works but no air is being pushed out thru the vents. Ive been told to look for the Fuse labeled Blower Motor or Fan but none of th...
I went to get some gas one day and it started messing up you guys do not have that year you guys do not have that year up there
Is there anyone that have all wiring diagram of caprice LS 1990?
Does anyone know how much is the pressure of the fuel in fuel lines before the injectors.
In my caprice LS 1990 when I totally push the gas pedal for acceleration, some black smoke comes from the exhaust. How can I fix it.