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what is the cost of an engine shaft alignment...
is it thermostat/ gas cap/ or is it something else...check light is on
best anti freeze to replace in system...
what can I do myself, electric trunk latch will not open?
the Camaro V6 has 4 sensors. Are they all the same? I'm getting a code of engine 7E8 with my code scanner. Checked with onstar diagnostics and they said it is my camshaft position sensor.
My boyfriend moves the seat when he drives and now it won't recline back forward only backwards
My car will start one day and not the next. It will remote start, but turn off once I put the key in and turn. No codes at all. What do I do?
The seat-back is electric and it moved it forward but now will not move it back...nothing happens when i push the switch and i cannot get it unlocked manually to move it back to the upright position
I recently had my spark plugs changed and now I have a loud knocking sound coming from my engine. I fear I may need to replace a piston or rod.
no heat at times,feels like the air condition is on, than heat comes back on, back and forth. temperture max out(needle sticks on "H" than goes back down to normal. all this takes place less than 7 miles of travel.
My car will shut off on me but if I press the gas on time it will kick right back on... Usually happens when I take off on 1st gear making a right turn. although it has happened on the highway doin around 60- 65mph bu...