where is the fuse box ?

like there is a bag in the truck with plastic pieces for when you drop the top do you really need to put them on everytime ?

it only does it when going slow or taking off

Checked the engine code i am getting a P0303. tried to pass smog and fuel is running lean all parts and tune up done less than a year..

no security light on battery fine started working all fuse working can't figure it out please help

I have 1994 Camaro (8 cylinder), I have to turn the key to crank the engine at least 3 times before the engine turns on, please advise what is wrong with my car
this happens 90% of the time, after the car starts the engine runs great.

I wrecked my 01 and need to replace the whole front end the rails holding the side fenders are bent left and up so I mine as well replace the whole front clip. I can only find 96 camaros near me. Also if you know how to take off a front clip that'd be awesome. Like does it need to be torch cut or is it just bolts and shims holding it to the body.

put on a new belt twice, and a new belt tensioner and every time it rains, the belt comes off.

Clutch this pressure plate throw out bearing pilot bearing have all been replaced hydraulic system has been bled car goes into gear when engine is off just grinds when it's on

It is hard to get it into gears mostly 1,2,3 unless you turn off the car and reverse ...... if car is off its easy go right in ..... checked fluid it not low wanted to have lines checked fluid changed and bleed to see if that would fix it ....some places want to replace to much stuff without knowing for sure what wrong that could cost me from 1200 to 3000 dollars that I don't have

I have a 95 Z28 with a 94 Z28 motor just replace intake gasketwhen I try to start it antifreeze shoots out mufflers

before the engine turn on, please advise what is wrong with my car

Does anyone know where I can purchase an oil cap or do I need to purchase whole housing unit.

FIRST PROBLEM - car is off . I turn it on . My shift Nob is in neutral. I sit there doing nothing just letting it warm up . I hear a rattle sound like A barring or something is releasing pressure to something idk people tell me its my release barring but the clutch pettel is not being touched by my foot at all only to start my 2013 ls1 camaro manuel transmission on then i don't touch it i hear a rattle noise .now when i press the clutch pettel down for the first time after start up i place the nob in first it may stop referring to the noise at start up or it may shut off when i fully engage and i take off . -- now my second PROBLEM this happen sometimes during my drive but happends all the time when im parking in my drive way in reverse now i approach my mild hill and i place my nob in reverse now im letting go of the clutch pettel slowing to engage as I'm coming up the little hill im hearing a clacking sound very concerned about this any idea ?

If I try for a while the security light will Flash otherwise it just stays on in car will not crank or start

I just got done fixing the water pump on my Chevy camero and noticed a little hole in the heater hose close too the fitting can I cut the hose off and will that fix the problem

Security light came on about 6 months ago in 1999 Camaro Z28. Steady, no flashing. I have do have a chip in my ignition key. What does it mean? Asked my mechanic , he does not know. Do I need to worry about my car not starting? How do I to turn it off? Nothing in service manual.

I bought this car new last year in September its a 2015 CHEVY CAMARO LS, i had a problem and took it to the dealership a they told me some times water from my ac drips and gets sucked into the air vents,it sits for a while and starts to create meldew. They said it happens once in a while to people but ive never heard of it. So they replace my whole ac system its been 3 months and its smelling again. Why does this happen and is it really as common as they said it is??

The radio looks like it's working, I can see the station and volume bar going up and down but no sound (I can't even hear the turn indicator clicking when I am using it during a turn). I checked the "audio muted" command -that's not it. Any suggestions as to how I can fix this problem?

At low speed no vibration is noted but at high speed the vibration is very intense.
Car has 85000 mi and it is V6 manual transmission.

Having problems with car idling. It idles very high. Its a 6 cylinder engine. It revs at 1500 and it moves slightly above that and then "service engine soon" light appears. I would like to know if this is a common thing and how I should go about repairing this problem.

At first we thought it was the fuel pump, but we changed that and the fuel filter and it still wouldn't start so we tryed a new PCM and that still didn't work. The car was getting no fuel pressure to the rails, Then we jumped the relay switch and it got 45 psi, But still would not crank spark plugs are getting fire, and injectors are getting pulsing, i know this by testing the wires for the injectors but still would not crank. We shot gas through the intake and it turned over but still would not crank, We found small round particles in the gas and the gas was dark yellow but the car has been sitting for 6 and 1/2 months. I love my car and would love to fix it, But I'm not sure what else to do!

Do you recommend certain mileage on the vehicle as when to change the rearend differential oil!?

all the dash lights and radio every thing comes on but no engagement of the starter