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I replaced driver side oxy sensor and cleared the code car runs much better, but light came back on. Also on same fail is three blinking blue dots. Can only remember one. Its for an oxy sensor heat modulator. ?? What...
power steering fluid has been flushed and replaced. Power steering belt looks ok. car is started and warmed before driving, but PS failure occurs at first complete stop within feet from house.
My camaro was impounded and sat in the very hot sun for all of august. After paying $1100 to bail out, It started up with no problem, drove 3 blocks and stalled at a red light, and would crank fine but not run. I pu...
I had the fuel pump replaced when the car just stopped going 55 mph. But it still doesn't want to start after I put gas in it. ???
My MAF sensor is new and clean I'm hoping it's just the connector or a vacuum leak.
It was driving fine no trouble than we stoped one day and turned it off and when we went to restart it wouldn't start..so we than bump started it and it started but then wouldn't let me give it gas and quit again.
Still have o2 sensors hooked up but car not accelerating correctly and has some knock. Don't have a computer programmer
The steering wheel is hard to steer, but wasnt this way last week, the power steering fluid seems fine.
I have a light on the dash that has a key in the middle of it that is blinking