Checked the engine code i am getting a P0303. tried to pass smog and fuel is running lean all parts and tune up done less than a year..

I just got done fixing the water pump on my Chevy camero and noticed a little hole in the heater hose close too the fitting can I cut the hose off and will that fix the problem

after i drive it for a little bit it starts to hum and then where the gas goes it gets hot

mostly in reverse

Computer says number 6 cylinder needs replacement. Not sure where it is located. Please help.

i need to do a head repair

the PASS key or some godforsaken mystery in the Hidden Theft Deterrent system. Everybody I speak with says take it to a Dealership. I'll run it off a cliff 1st. Black on black w/T-Tops ran good looks like a vet from distance. Does anyone have a miracle. I've spent last 3 wkends and tired of it.

Car starts 50% of the time. Change original keys - nothing.
The theft system is engaged and starter wont work. New battery.

still idles high if I tap the iac it goes down to normal rpm cleaned the port hole and does the same thing HELP

now that i got key car wont start?

A week ago i started it up, brought it into the shop i work at and when i was going to move it out it wouldn't start removed BCM opened it up to check for shorts and everything was clear and good to go after visual inspection and tests with a multimeter reinstalled it into the cradle under the dash behind glove box. Security light continues to flash fuel pump primes but no start. Cant think of what else it could be. All i get from i diagnostic scan equipment is short/faulty connectors not sure where else to go from here seeing how this is the second time this has happened.

at first, wild erratic shifting at different it will not pull at all...acts as if it were in neutral...

getting a overhaul have kuhmos now ,,any suggestions on something better ? hows the firestone firehawk indy 500 ?? would apprieacte some feed back !! thanks guys !! 1998 z28 ls1 camaro .. please let me know soon if poss. thanks !~!! rob

I can feel the hole the water is leaking out of but cant see it