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A few days ago it was work in fine ,now it's works only when riding
This only happens when its cold so far 1zt time it would not start for 3 days till it warmed up and it will not start now its a brand new alternator and battery so i know its not that any help is grsatly appreciTed
Lock cylinder has been replaced and have blank key, unsure if should make a new one with or without the resistor.
And sometimes wen I turn my car on the dome light comes on so I no I got power but I still will not turn over?
Coolant flow restictor valve
I was down shifting and i heard a popping noise from the lower dash near the clutch, as i heard this my clutch pedal shot strait to the floor. I was not in gear and was luckily in a parking lot. I got out to examine w...
roller pin is broken, try jb weld, expoxy. didnt work
My car has been overheating and as soon as it hits 240 to 260, it cools down. I have put antifreeze/ coolant in it. but it gets hot and then cools down.
ABS Light has recently been intermittent, on, off, on off, etc. Now it is on along with the Brake Light remaining on. Can you tell me anything about this?
my 1994 camaro will turn over and act like its gona start but it will not keep fuel pressure and we have just replaced the feul pump with a brand new one and cleaned all the lines and we have no leaks so please help m...
my car stalls at traffic lites & speed bumps. i have to press the accelerator while in park just to keep it running at traffic light. also huge amount of smoke comes out from under the hood. not a good xmas for me. la...