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My 03 blazer engine light came on...scanned it bank 1 sensor 1 changed it with new one reset it..next day light came back on...po1035...checked fuse good..what wires and what voltage from the truck sides connector??
runs great cold until it warms up then it misfires at idle only... goes away as soon as you drive down the road... smooth idle cold but as soon as it warms up that's when it misfires at idle .... runs good and drives ...
My ac blows cold but weak and I have no 4. I have changed both the blower motor and resistor. What else can I check?
For the 2nd time in 26 months I need to replace the bushings, hinge and pins in my driver door. Has anyone else had this problem?
Antifreeze leaking from under back of engine.Pressure test diagnosed blown intake manifold gaskets. Need cheapest estimate for parts and labor? Local repair shop quoted me $658.
I have a 03 blazer with 154k miles on it and just put a used engine in the vehicle with 56k miles on it. After we completed the job i went for a drive on the interstate and at 70mph the check engine starts flashing an...
Results of emission koeo..........pass koer..........fail communication pass tamper.......pass mil command..fail Troublecodes po128 ...