started every day but when rain or damp out runs but actes like missing now today wont start rained turns over but wont start

When her king the car makes squeak

Want to replace old engine with a new one

The handle is in the park position,but the screen says neutral and its in neutral.

My 03 blazer engine light came on...scanned it bank 1 sensor 1 changed it with new one reset it..next day light came back on...po1035...checked fuse good..what wires and what voltage from the truck sides connector??

runs great cold until it warms up then it misfires at idle only... goes away as soon as you drive down the road... smooth idle cold but as soon as it warms up that's when it misfires at idle .... runs good and drives fine otherwise.... i noticed trim is running over 10%+ on one bank (one side) where should i be looking for the cause?

tey are in the drivers power seat harness

For my key to make a complete turn.

My ac blows cold but weak and I have no 4. I have changed both the blower motor and resistor. What else can I check?