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I let it sit awhile with hood open, and come back a couple hours later, and it starts 1st try. It seems it always happens after raining. My sons 1994 S-10 Blazer does the same thing.
i was told it was located under the motor by the starter, nope
My engine light came on but not pulling any codes, I filled my gas tank then my truck died in the middle of my road and was suddenly saying it was out of gas and wouldn't restart
Fuel pump does run. Replaced fuel filter. Cleaned MAF sensor. Checked all lines for connection and they are good. Did a passkey II bypass and still nothing. Any advice?
I know where the one that goes to the gauges is located but I have checked everywhere possible and still haven't found it. I tested the one that goes to the gauge by taking it out and the gauge quit then when I put it...
I replaced 4 button switch on dash, actuator, and cable on 2000 blazer. It does go into both 4hi and 4lo, but the lights flash. I have an ABS light on constantly which I believe is causing the lights to flash. I ha...
I was wondering if a tune up would fix the problem. Or is there something else I would have to do and how much would it cost?
I have a specific temperature dial selector but it never changes temperature no matter where I put it. I did have a vacuum leak and replaced some old cracked lines, and now the fan speed, dash vents, defrost, and flo...