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My Blazer goes into alarm by locking and unlock door, flashing lights, interior light come on. What might be my problem.
my truck needs 4 to 5 turns to start and when it does it ticks when i accelerate and while idle
found a bad actuator I replaced it and all was fine till a week ago it happened again I pulled radio/batt fuse to reset sys and the actuator goes to cool then to heat then stays in heat no matter where I set the temp ...
Can't figure out why security light comes on but won't go off or blink
I replaced the multifunction switch..The wipers were not functioning correctly, cruise control won't work so I replaced the switch..Now I can not get the ignition switch to work..I am guessing that I don't have someth...
it's warm to start it again. It seems like it isn't getting gas or not firing properly. Any help would be appreciated !! Thanks
while driving a little blue smoke comes out of the tail pipe and sprays oil on the tailgate .
I let off gas and it will grab but as soon as I step on gas it will start to slip
I was driving an heard a noise and my truck wouldnt shift out of 1st gear. when i parked I couldnt go in reverse. I took it in and had a transmission flush which did not help. Do I need a need a new transmission or co...
Replaced battery x2, Autozone said battery is good of course, alternator is good , starter good, but could be on the verge of going bad or could be ignition. Car starts instantly after being jumped