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Engine will crank but will not start until several minutes delay. When gauge lights come on, engine will start. When outside temperature is 60 to 70 degrees the wait time is about 2-5 minutes. When outside temp is 40 ...
Will start of given jumpstart dies immediately Is it the alternater or something else wrong?
Sounds like there is something loose, rattles? It's loud and obnoxious when heater fan is on.
Basically not firing when ignition is in start position but I have to let key return to on position and it fires so why isnt my ignition firing in start position
my car turned off in the freeway didnt want to turn on nomore i wuz told that all it needs is water and nothing
and when you floor it black smoke some,s out is it a fule presser reglater promble or something ealse let me know ASAP
Engine turns over, but is hesitant to start. Noticed that even though the RPM's increase as the gas is pressed, the power that should be there isn't. This is especially true going up a hill. Also when running t...
I have a 4x4 '97 blazer. My back differential ate the pinion gear. Can I put the truck in 4x4, remove the rear drive shaft and effectively drive in front wheel drive for a short term fix?
Automatic shutoff switch for interior lights will dim the lights and then stay on.
The fuel pump is 2 years old. This has been a recurring problem. Fuel pump has been checked and it is installed correctly.
I really need a diagram showing how the fuel lines run from tank to engine , PLEASE HELP ME , this problem has me at the end of my rope !