How much cost for repair? How long for repair?

I'm leaking coolant and it right under a.c. on driver side. Ever time I fill radiator it leaks out near the valve cover gasket. I checked them they were good. What else could it be.

Car sat for about six months.

Need step by step instructions and or vidio

My brake lights don't light up wen I hot the pedal.

wen I press my brake pedal. The thread brake light works but the other two do not.my tail lights work and my Blinker's work but the brake lights do not.

the car temperature was not running hot. White smoke steaming from underneath hood.

The fuel is getting to the carburetor but not in it, I poured gas in the carburetor and it starts, what is stopping fuel from getting to cylinders?

it loss power and now has a loud knock at the top of theengine

it knocks at the top of the engine

bought a blazer off a person i do my own mechanic work he told me it was running but then hit a deer has a new fuel pump in it the ignition was broke still is, i have and extra computer, coil, crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor i took the distributor outi know how to tdc and put it at 6 and that the button turns as you put it in but still no spark what could i be missing all the fuses and relays work what else tell it to spark so it can fire the plugs

how to remove a bumper from a 96 chevy blazer

The blazer is a 4x4, it will turn over, but its getting harder and harder with mutiple cranks till it does.. i had the battery replaced and a basic tune up of wires and plugs , but the problem continues.. once it starts its as if there is no problem at all.. but even if i wait just a few minutes the car will take time to crank ,even up to 30 seconds till it turns over. the problem has gotten worse over the past 2 weeks..

my blazer lost fullnpower I changedvthe transmission oil filter and it drove front whords for 500 more miles more but now it won't even do that