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and the trans mission doesent want to shift right what could be awrong with it
Hard idle, trouble starting, smell gas, service engine soon light is on, hear a hum under the hood while driving
The diagnostic reading said the oxygen sensor was faulty. I replaced it. I also replaced the air valve sensor.The vehicle still runs the same.
All interior lights will not go out after car is turned off,(dome and door lights) I can pull the fuse but then do not have turn signals. Could this be a bad relay or circuit board?
worked fine then one day the key just wouldn't turn.
after 3-5 minutes of ideling the engine reves up and down then stalls. takes a few minutes to start back up
recently replaced intake gaskets it ran fine but had to idle it up with excel petal .lots of new parts any help greatly appreciated
This is a massive oil leak. It started about 50 miles after having the distributor replace. It runs off the top of the transmission housin, about 2/3 of the way back. I've ruled out rear main due to that. Can the two ...
burns rich sparks plugs on one side very black otherside burning fine
Car has been used heavily in last year due to job commute. Had an oil pan leak that was repaired in August 2012 as the mechanic said it was caused by a "striped" oil plug. Instead of changing the oil pan, he welded a ...
what does the retainer clip do and why
any info about a front seal for the tranny on a 95 chev blazer 4.3 vortec
we changed out the heater core and now the 4wd drive doesnt work and the lights stay on
new egr-cat-O2-injectors sensor-MAF-good fuel pressure-vacuum-distributor- no diag codes- 6 months ago had O2 code and MAP code- replaced both