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randomly,is it safe to drive,great power just rough idle,cant get to injector to test,any suggestions?05 astro van w 269000 miles on it,
check engine light comes on van vibrates and runs rough if I let off gas light goes off and van runs fine.
if I let off the gas for 10 seconds the light goes off and it runs fine why?
Also what lines need to be removed and any special tools needed.
The handle broken and this time I cannot open the driver's door from the inside or the outside. My problem is how to remove the panel to open the door to do the repair. With the molded cup holder on the door, this loo...
my astro is making winding noise like something is freezing up
2005 chev 3500 diesel. engine light came on. took it to Autozone and also Advance Store and neither could get and power to box. If its a fuse, which one or what it wrong
If there is more than 1 thing that can cause this problem what would be the best to try first.
I have a 2005 Chevy Astro Van I use for my job. I went to get it inspected in Feb and now its April and still not inspected. I went to my mechcanic and he put in a new oxygen sensor. drove for a day and it came bac...
The problem usually occures when going up a hill or driving steady for a long time between 35 to 55mph. I had the spark plugs changed but that did not fix the problem. In fact, my fuel milage was worse with the new pl...
how can i correct this problem
Is there a fuse for the OBD II port and if so where is it located. Had van scanned and told the scanner would power up.
van wont start unless you keep turning key. just clicks then will finially start. replaced battery. could it be the relay