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It has 250,000 miles on the engine. About how much should it cost me to replace the timing chain/belt ?
I slowly turned the key in the ignition (part way). But BEFORE the key turned all the way, to actually turn over (crank) the engine, I heard a REALLY loud "pop" sound like an air rifle, and smoke came out (seen at rig...
I replaced the sensor with another, and I still get the codes. I checked the wiring harness and getting voltage. I made sure the connection was secure as well. Not sure where to go from here. Its due for smog and cann...
The wipers stay on at all times when the vehicle is on. Have to disconnect the battery so the light do not kill the battery. Changed the turn signal/brights mechanism on the side of the steering column and the light...
Hello, An inversion of polarity of the battery made a short circuit. Nothing more ignites. Is there a general fuse? Thanks
Right above my oil filter I'm leaking a lot of oil. I've had people say it's coming from what looks like where the engine mounts to the transmission. And also could be a o ring or gasket?
randomly,is it safe to drive,great power just rough idle,cant get to injector to test,any suggestions?05 astro van w 269000 miles on it,
0-20 psi.and no more
Van want start and there is no power to the #8 fuse and it is not blown?_/
when I go to start the van it sounds like an old 1970 truck that needs to start to be shimmed
took a while priming the new oil pump to get even half the lifters to pump oil through push rods. i took out the ones that were not pumping and took apart.
i got some heads from a wrecking yard and i should not of when the rockers were on , instead all of them put in a bag breaking the rule of keep them in original location. could that be my issue since these are positiv...
i got some replacement cylinder heads from a wrecking yard. the only difference than the original were they were positive stop rocker arms and the original were adjustable valve lash.