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It has 250,000 miles on the engine. About how much should it cost me to replace the timing chain/belt ?
I slowly turned the key in the ignition (part way). But BEFORE the key turned all the way, to actually turn over (crank) the engine, I heard a REALLY loud "pop" sound like an air rifle, and smoke came out (seen at rig...
want to know if. jeep battery will fit.into.my.asrto van
the AC and now I need a belt. is there one available for this?
rear seal is leaking
What could be the issue? is it worth to repair, truck run smooth,no somoke,rear differential serviced with new breakes disc,drums etc. please advise.
The shifter will not move from park,N and D.
inner and outer tie rods , sleeves, both idle arms , drag link ,upper and lower ball joints , and stabilizer links
i remplese the fuel press regulator and goes away for like 2 hrs
gas leak and need to replace gas lines
dome light switch on liftgate strut must be replaced. How?
Looking for the toe,and camber settings.