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I replaced the sensor with another, and I still get the codes. I checked the wiring harness and getting voltage. I made sure the connection was secure as well. Not sure where to go from here. Its due for smog and cann...
What are the procures to replace the fuel gauge?
OBD code is P0101 The van will not accelerate and shift properly. It's fine in park or neutral when accelerating
The noise then progressed to when the brakes are actuated.It doesn't do it when the vehicle is cold starts to happen after maybe 7 to 10 miles of driving. Does it when its stopped or at very slow speeds. Goes away wh...
security light turns on. car does not turn on
I broke the front gas tank nut on a 99 Chevy Astro while changing the fuel pump.i cut the bolt to get the strap off so now the remaining bolt is hanging out of the frame. what are my options? any suggestions would be ...
my back door on mini van suddenly stop working, can not open rear door , nor dutch doors, email address simmonsuc@gmail.com
I need to replace front blower motor on 1999 Astro van, need to know location.
driving home today antifreeze began leaking into the passenger side. thinking the heater core needs replacing. can you help? thank you, bill
1999 chevy astro van, failed inspection due to catalydic converter and service engine light. Converter replaced have taken to 2 dealer ships to have service engine light repaired, Told they don't know how to fix, have...
fan but no heat