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. Kills battery when off for an extended amout of time.
I can blow through the valve and the connecting tube. Other than that the engine runs fine. The van sat for a year and I had to replace the CMFI injector unit and r&r of gaskets. I have tested the plenum for leaks.
Left hand side is black the right side,including speedometer and op and temp gauges are very dim and confused. All other electrical including lights work,trip meter OK, dimmer works on remaining dash lights(heater con...
The error code is O2 sensor. No, power to fuel pump. Engine cranks normal, but will not start.
stalling two weeks after replacing these parts. This problem occurs steady low speed and on acceleration?
whats a spider injector. does it go by anothr name
I need to remove engine cover inside of van for tune up
error code said IAC valve
On my 4.3 L 1992 Chevrolet Astro van, is the rear Main Seal one piece, or is it two?
what is the best way to replace an idle sensor valve
My Astro Van starts fine when cold but when I have driven it for a while it struggle/doesn't want to start. The engin turns sporadically slow, but it doesn't want to turn the engin. When it starts it struggles to idle...