Dodge Stratus Problem Report

Dodge Stratus Check Engine Light Due to Pinched Leak Detection Pump Vacuum Lines

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If a Check Engine Light illuminates indicating leak detection pump (LDP) failure, the cause is often pinched or disconnected vacuum lines to the pump. Vacuum lines should be inspected before replacing the leak detection pump. Contamination (carbon or debris) in the pump can cause failure and any hoses should be cleared before a new pump is installed.

Engine light came on toe to auto zone said it was vacuum house issue -
Car start and dies put trudle position senser it did not did the problem so what I do now and it give a code op122 and 01946 -
I am currently dealing with this issue firsthand. I have a CEL for a P01495, Leak Detection Pump Solenoid. I have traced vacuum hoses, replaced a few with minor cracks, but am still struggling with keeping the code off. Ths issue is keeping me from being able to get new tags, and am getting very frustrated. -
not yet fixed -
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