Lincoln Town Car Problem Report

Lincoln Town Car Check Engine Light Due to a PCV System Vacuum Leak

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A vacuum leak from the PCV grommet vacuum leak can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. The molded rubber hose connections may crack and collapse, causing the vehicle to run roughly. A damaged PCV hose will require replacement.

When cold and take off runs . Rouph till motor warms up -
must change out all rubber in heat conditions such as Florida rubber becomes brittle -
I have had all four cat. converters replaced, colored gaskets all replaced. The code reads problem with left bank. It's been on for two years and nobody can help get it off. They take it off when I have my emissions inspection, but it comes back on two or three days later. Thanks in advance. -
Check Engine Light was on and the engine ran very rough, particularly while idling. Repaired by Replacing the elbow-crankcase ventilation tube (Ford part number YL8Z-6767-AA) $9. However it took 2.5 shop labor hours to replace the part, which seemed a bit high. -
pcv hose leaking. now engine light comes one also. its been hard to find a replacement part for my 2000 town car though. -
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