Check Engine Light Due to a PCV System Vacuum Leak on Lincoln Aviator

A vacuum leak from the PCV grommet vacuum leak can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. The molded rubber hose connections may crack and collapse, causing the vehicle to run roughly. A damaged PCV hose will require replacement.

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Average mileage: 103,973 (23,000–193,000)
3 model years affected: 2003, 2004, 2005
35 people reported this problem
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2004 Lincoln Aviator 96,000 mi,
There is a loud hissing sound coming from a hose with a foam like elbow attached to the intake. I can't find parts and its getting called different things like emissions hose, vacuum hose, pcv hose. No one seems to know what it is. It's on the passenger side. My car is hesitating and bogging down when I stop. Check engine light is on. I wish I could post a pic.
OMG!!! you saved me hundreds of dollars, thank you. fire stone did a diagnostic($89.00) and it had more than one bad read. my husband checked this site and the total repair was $7.27 for a small piece of hose.this site is wonderful.
2004 Lincoln Aviator 100,400 mi,
Error code P0174, "System too lean (bank 2)".
2003 Lincoln Aviator 120,000 mi,
I had the same problem with the elbow on this pcv hose. The elbow also collapsed and was very brittle it should be a metal fitting. This website saved me a ton of money thanks to all!
Yep just replaced this too along with the rack and pinion AND the transmission. Love the vehicle, very disappointed in Ford. It's becoming a very expensive lemon.
2003 Lincoln Aviator 73,000 mi,
I had the same problem which escalated yesterday. It took a while to throw the codes to finally trouble shoot this.
2004 Lincoln Aviator 155,000 mi,
This situation happens to me and I replace the elbow on the PCV and it fixed the situation.
2005 Lincoln Aviator 63,000 mi,
Just found that problem out today!
2005 Lincoln Aviator 84,435 mi,
hissing on passenger side. either bogs down or dies when idling.
2005 Lincoln Aviator 124,000 mi,
Had to replace the PCV elbow twice in two years. Rubber elbow became weak and collapsed. I used a piece of heater hose elbow and clamps, so far (eight months)it's holding up to the Florida summer heat.
2004 Lincoln Aviator 140,000 mi,
I have a collapsed engine vacum hose that is causing the car to idle then stall when stopped and the emmisions light is also on as well where to go get this replaced can it be done myself
Could not keep the vehicle running. Auto Zone informed of air loss in tubing...took to dealership and was informed that the molded plastic PVC tube was broken (air to intake prevented..._ needs to be replaced for $286.00
2004 Lincoln Aviator 193,000 mi,
Slippage in overdrive
I had to replace the hose, by using a new hose from Autozone.
My car started running really rough, and I think my engine light came on if I remember right. I took it in and they said it was a vacuum leak. I had to replace the hoses. Of course, it ended up being several hundred dollars.
2003 Lincoln Aviator 110,000 mi,
Collapsed PVC elbow. Replaced it for 7.00 usd. Found at local auto parts store.
2003 Lincoln Aviator 96,000 mi,
engine idles roughly,needed new pcv valve
2004 Lincoln Aviator 98,000 mi,
engine light came on.
2004 Lincoln Aviator 79,000 mi,
Vacuum Leak hose melted made vehicle run bad
2004 Lincoln Aviator 80,000 mi,
Happened today, my truck wasnt driving right the past week and today i was driving to work in the snow, accelerated and the check engine light comes on and now acceleration is very choppy