Cadillac SRX Problem Report

Cadillac SRX Check Engine Light Due to Loose or Worn Gas Cap

(22 reports)

A loose or worn gas cap could be cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate.

Check engine light comes on and want go off, disconnected battery went away, until filled the car with gas again. Came back on. -
engine light comes on gas cap is loose -
2005 SRX V8 AWD engine light came on after a fill up and noticed the gas cap felt loose (not ratcheting to a tight fit) After looking at various website threads I made mistake of buying a generic Stent brand cap. Not only didn't the rubber tether fit this cap but engine light still on. Ordered the correct cap from, installed and engine light went out within 10 miles of driving. -
engine light on emission light -
replace cap -
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