Chevrolet Cobalt Problem Report

Chevrolet Cobalt car stalling on highway or idling , at stops..etc.

(11 reports)
Engine Stalls while idling at a Stop sign. -
Car idle varies sometimes shuts off. Ignition switch is in run position. -
My cobalt runs great until you stop are slow down to almost a stop. It start trembling and pulsating sometimes it shut off. I changed the gas cap it did't solve the problem -
Car stalls -
My car keeps shutting off every time I come to a stop or when idling and sometimes when I'm slowing the car to turn a corner. I hate it! Its really scary! Now I have to take it to a shop because I know nothing about cars and with all the different opinions I've been getting from everyone, I just don't know what the heck to think. Big bummer that's 4 sure. -
poo10 failed emission test -
I too had a problem with my Cobalt stalling, someone told me to check gas cap and replace..I stop the STALLING!!..yee haw! problem down.. -
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