Check Engine Light Due to Faulty Camshaft Adjuster Solenoid on Mercedes-Benz E350

The camshaft adjuster solenoid (which is related to the variable valve timing system) may fail or timing chain/balance shaft components may wear, resulting in illumination of the Check Engine Light and various drivability issues. Mercedes-Benz has released a service bulletin outlining specific repair instructions depending on fault codes stored.

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Average mileage: 72,874 (10,000–155,000)
Engine affected: 3.0L V6
6 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, more2010, 2011
86 people reported this problem
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Check engine light came on and has been on for several months. Car failed CT emissions test due to engine light being on. Engine light is on due to camshaft problem and was told that this problem is endemic in this E350 and that there should be a recall by M-Benz. Mechanic says he needs to remove the engine to access and repair the camshaft issues and this will cost several thousand dollars!! Can anyone corroborate this problem in the E350.
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I learned about a recall from a co-worker and decided to do an Internet search. After contacting the local dealer, I learned that there is a Mercedes Benz recall for the camshaft solenoid. They repaired the issue at no cost. If anyone was charged previously, you may want to demand a refund. February 2013.
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I have a same problem with check engine light on; dealer sais it's a camshaft problem which would cost from $5000 to $ fix. He's submitting request for assistance to Mercedes. Waiting for a reply.
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Engg light came on while going to work, left the car and started the next morning. Engg light was off, car was driving fine. Took the car for service at Smythe European, San Jose dealership and mentioned the issue. The diagnostics came up with Camshaft Solenoid to be replaced. Checking on-line, I find that many E350 owners are facing the same issue..Mercedes should take care of this issue immediately. Am getting my car back tomorrow, hoping i have no further issues..Am a happy Mercedes owner!
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Purchased the car with 62400 or so miles and have never truly felt satisfied with the performance. I checked the drivers manual for the "comfort" setting as well as for the "standrd" setting. The manual suggests a differential is the shifting between the two settings, however there has been a noticeable issue with the timing/shifting of the vehicle since the time of purchase. This has resulted in a disappoining experience with Mercedes. I had a diganostic done yesterday identifying codes 1200 and 1208 which are associated with a "Worn Balance Shaft Gear", estimated cost is $4972.00.
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check engine light came on. I took took the dealer and have found out this is a common problem with these car's. Mercedes- Benz as the leader should see this and take car of these problems for their owners when reported. As everyone know's nothing on these car's are cheap.
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i will take this to the dealer
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I have just joined the rest, my E350 engine warning light came on and took it to the dealer he has just rung, $6000 of costs of a known problem this is the 3rd major issue with the car that I have had. My love affair with a mercedes car my 3rd is over. My 3 issues all known by mercedes what I can't understand is why no recalls?
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engine light on solenoid sensors replaced---still have light go on
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I have this problem now and I want to knw what it should cost to get it fixed
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Camshaft noted on Check Engine Light. The light would come on and turn off. The ride quality was diminished. Felt like I was driving over thousands of tiny bumps. The camshaft was replaced. Happened 7 mos after warranty expired. Received partial payment from MBZ Consumer Affairs Goodwill department.
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I had the exact same engine light / camshaft problem: first I was told a sensor (relatively inexpensive sensor replacement $100 for three), then air intake manifold ($1800), now camshaft teeth are worn out ($5,000). At this point the repairs cost more than the car. This must happen often because they had a new and worn camshaft to show me the difference.
Check engine light is on and has been diagnosed as balancer shaft - estimated repair is over $6K (24-30 hours labor). Currently there is a pending class action lawsuit that is expected to be final 8/2015 and Mercedes will have to pay some or all of the expenses.
Check engine light comes on and goes off every few days. Mechanic pulled codes and says it's related to Cam magnets going weak. Suggests $460 to replace magnets. Says there was no recall for this just a "silent campaign" by MB. Car runs absolutely great otherwise!
I was driving and the car seemed like it struggled had no power I would floor the car and car would accelerate as if I was beraly touching the gas peddle then engine light came on I took it to Benz they said I need balance shaft replaced 6000$ dollar estimate
MB replaced the shaft
i have the p0304 misfire in 4 cilinder and i check it and didnt have compression
Check engine light kept coming on intermittently. We thought it was the gas cap, so replaced it 2 times--- didnt need another rock to fall on our heads to have it checked out. 3 of the 4 activators had to be replaced.
Vehicle needed a new camshaft. Mercedes should do a recall!
Had to replace camshaft adjuster, aprox $4,000 out of pocket expense
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