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The one time I have had the code checked it seemed to be a heating thermostat. The engine is running cooler since I had the coolant reservoir elbows replaced with aluminum units rather than plastic.
happens all the time. with key in on position I turn signal on and all dash lights go out,they come back on when I shut signal off
My engine literally felt like it was stalling and I heard a slight knock. I pulled over to check my oil because the "change oil" and "service engine soon" lights came on. It was a quart low so I added a quart. I turne...
while I am replacing both upper an lower intake gaskets/should the EGR valve be replace or can it be cleaned an re-installed?
should I replace the lower intake at same time,an also the ERG valve.Egr valve is expensive,can it be cleaned an reused or should it be replaced?
Not putting out cool air.
The vibration starts at around 35 mph when I press the accelerator and stops vibrating when you take your foot off the accelerator, occasionally I can also hear a knock when I stop, start rolling and make right turns....
the girlfriend left the window down and it rained. now her passenger window wont roll up and her drivers window keep rolling down by its self.
Car runs great, seems to shift fine. Only problem is this accelerating problem from a stop. Service engine soon light came on, and I was told the shift solenoid code came up. Had computer cleared. Since then my door...
One of the three coils are bad! How do I determine one it is.?
One of my wipers works and the other doesnt why is that?
04 Buick Regal has a 6 way power seat on the drivers side, which stopped working. I have checked all fuses none bad. Any Suggestions will be appreciated.
this is all the time. The blower only works on HIGH
My car is due for coolant replacement. Should I powerflush? Should I replace with dexcool or something else?