Will a new key help? What are my options?

Dash lights go crazy

It also stays on when the car is parked and cut off with the key out of the ignition. Could this be an electrical issue? or any open recalls that I haven't been notified about.

I need to know which fuse in maxifuse/relay center is for starter relay and/or starter.

belt is loose --all pulleys spin freely except for tensioner which is locked

i need to dry it out and maybe figure how h2o is getting in and put it back in .

Car will not start with the remote or by being in the car.

Wondering how to unlock my radio

I've recently had my transmission repair it was the 35rwaveplate in my 09 Buick Enclave I had a check engine code of P0776. The repair was done free as this was part of a special warranty recall. However since the repair was completed one week ago now my my radio cuts on and off and it switches channels on its own. Can anyone help?

when it want start It makes a clicking sound when i turn ignition and some time when i release the key the clicking continues for a second. It starts right away when I hook battery charger up. once or twice when i turn ignition on and i here clicking if i continuously press accelerator pedal it will start. sometime it will start for 3-4 days and then i have problem once twice a day lights radio heat all works..

New engine and transmission

Was opening the inside...not the sunroof window. The cloth got stuck and part of it ripped

Need to change the gas filter don't know where to look

Took it to garage had everything checked out new brakes and rotors on also no alignment issues no wheel or tire issues no suspension issues? I'm stumped

Seems to swerve when hitting a groove in the road.

Bulbs good housing broke the corner is separated from headlamp

where is the drain plug for antifreeze 2001 buick regal

Just bought the car it has very low mileage. I took the scroud off the engine to see if I could tell where noise is coming from - hard to tell - but seems like it is more from the back 3 cylinders or around there somewhere. engine is the 3.8 L - noise always goes away after it warms up.

When I turn the key the car won't start and the security light stays on

The car just completely shut down going down the road at 40 mph. Tried to hook it up to our diagnostic and it came up with "security error"

Battery dies in a few hours 1 time, might last days the next time. Replaced battery, failed load test. Replaced starter, excessive draw while cranking.Replaced radio, had a internal short causing it to stay powered up on occasion. I have isolated it to the rear fuse box under the seat by the battery.

It doesn't happen often but it sounds like its coming from the driver tire when making right turns

how to replace the dash light Buick Lucerne 2006?

My low beams are getting to the point I can hardly see the road. High beams are still great, but seems like the low beams are getting worse. Checked the lenses and they are still crystal clear. Getting dangerous driving at night.

No chip key wide ripped off to wire chip sensor out of the ignition

After checking we got a coding from the machine check that says..P0440.

should I be concerned? the bells sound like door chimes to the car, but the doors and trunk are securely closed

idles smooth and runs good after the hesitation

Buick park Ave 1998

How do I get the bottom dash off so I can drop the steering column on a 98 Buick LeSabre