2003 Buick Regal
Symptoms include:
-started studdering in idle at long lights last week
-2 days ago, lost get up and go at acceleration, studdered, and not able to get above 30mph.
-was told its misfiring, changed spark plugs. Timing is off slightly
-overheated, wouldn't turn over
-smoke coming from where oil goes into, ONLY!
- found mud in radiator, flushed it out. Haven't blown it out tho.
-idle and drives rough, studders, stalls when slowing to make turn or at a light
-recently had a oil and oil filter change, and new fuel pump put on.

I have already driven 2500 miles, what is your opinion ?

what seems to be the problem ? there is no code only not complete.

Needs: Spark plugs & wire set. Intake manifold gasket set. Valve cover gasket set. An EGR valve adaptor. Total parts and labor will be $825. Front axle and rocker panel are rusted and will not pass next inspection. Should I invest the $825? Or scrape the car? Thanks for your help.

An also the light doesn't always come on when the car is started. Sometimes when k go over a bump in the road it will make the light come on and then if k go over another bump the light will go off.

When I start the car it all comes on an goes off bit when I holD the brake an put it in gear the light comes on so what can I do I heard a lot of different things? I took it to get hooked to a system but the codes say PO128 an thats a tempature problem an i know it not that...Plz help

Comes on quite often and sometimes stays on

Bt the door beeping chimes its like when I shut the ignition off w/lights on. I forgot to mantion in the first part !!!!!!