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An also the light doesn't always come on when the car is started. Sometimes when k go over a bump in the road it will make the light come on and then if k go over another bump the light will go off.
When I start the car it all comes on an goes off bit when I holD the brake an put it in gear the light comes on so what can I do I heard a lot of different things? I took it to get hooked to a system but the codes say...
Bt the door beeping chimes its like when I shut the ignition off w/lights on. I forgot to mantion in the first part !!!!!!
I change my turn signal lght bulb and now my dash & rear lights don't work : when I open the door there's a beeping chimes that stays on
i have tried the Chevron Techron Concentrate and it was better for a day and a half, but now it seems to stall out everytime i start it. is it the fuel pump? i had the fuel filter replaced last spring (2012). all ot...
it acts like i dont have gas in there although it literally full if it run when i turn it over all the needles(gas ,speedometor and all warning light except the check engine light) go on and off and flutter i roll the...
several days before it comes on again. What can be the problem. I changed the front rotators and pads. Have a hydraulic noise when turning right once in a while. No code showing up.
Backup light come on when lights are on? Trunk open when i release the park brake with the ignition on.
Just picked up this car and notice that the shift light indicator on the console is out. Does anyone know the procedure for replacing this light bulb? Also, how do I access the fuse box? Thank you!
when i try to go from air to heat the control switch does not seam to work still get air or cold air
the other day it whont start and all the light flashed