Needs to be replaced but not sure where to look. In the fuel tank?

It want adjust on airflow up and down as far as pressure blowing lights come on the control panel but doesnt work except in morning

you can shut it off and sit for awhile and start the engine and it may go another block and come to the next stop sign and shifts to neutral.

Power steering, brakes an the Ignatius key is hard to turn on all the time

where is dip stick under for power steering fluid under hood

they estimate $2,000 is that on target? is it worth replacing?

they estimate $2,000 is that on target?

key won't engage to start car

What keeps causing my MAF to fail or trip the check engine light? I have replaced it 2 times in 4 months.

When I start my car, sometime the antilock brake/service engine now and traction control off lights pop up, i turn off the engine and restart it goes out, then pops up again every once in awhile, can some tell me why this is happening?