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Recently replaced all brake pads and rear rotors and calipers. The work was done by a trusted mechanic with 30 years experience (family member) he says my tires need aligned, tire shop says they don't.?? Another frien...
I have a tremendous loss of power and it also doesn't like to start right away
already replaced idle control valve and it still not idling correctly
The light came on and when I press on the gas the car starts to shaks. How do I know whats wrong with it
I replaced the thermostat and put engine back together. Since then the car idles rough. I think I need to do a tune up and replace the pcv valve and the help tube. Do you have any further suggestions?
this has started recently,it happens when ever the car is started,they are staying off longer now
The security light is constantly on and I only have one set of chip keys. The doors are unlocked but will not open. Currently the battery is dead and I boosted it and let it run for an hour after I had AMA come and ...
Tried to restart the car turned the key on an absolutely no power to anything. No instrument lights nothing when the key is on. I am puzzled and not sure what to check or look for. Can someone please give me some sugg...
car just started to turn off while making a left or right turn, turn key off then restart turns on and might not do the same a week or so later.