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it smells like its running hot but its really not after going for about a 5 mile ride i noticed smoke coming from under the hood when i raised it a lot of smoke was coming from up under the front part if the motor i c...
1994 Buick regal custom. 3800 v6. Just started or at least just noticed it. 260,000 miles on engine and live on steep mountain that gets engine almost redline hot Every time for past 5 months
after driving 20 minutes or so the "check gauge" indicator comes on; not losing oil, no holes in line, but car will randomly cut off; mechanic say that we need the oil pressure sensor
This is a constant issue for the past 6 months. It happens under different situations. Ideling, driving slow, on highway, cold, warm. it doesn't seem to be consistent with any particular condition. New battery. Altern...
key stays in all the time under dash first here and thier hard starting now more often what to do next will start just dont know when
The part is BWD S4078 Transmisor/Transmetteur sender
My car has 120,000 miles on it and I've just started noticing a problem. My mechanic told me @ 6 months ago it would need to be replaced soon.
car engine stops when brakes applied
I am just looking for a ball park selling price for this vehicle. Less than 100,000 miles, engine seems fine, some undercarriage rust, break lines need replacing, transmission is toast.
"Check engine soon" light comes on. Engine stalls while driving offroad or on highway often. Engine sometimes will not start right away.
When I lower the window about 2 inches, it drops down inside the door. If I lift it back into place and push the window UP button, it will stay up and in place.
my air compressor is frozen/where can I find a used one?